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Characters of Eiahe packaging machines
time:2013-04-28 14:07:06

Characters of Eiahe packaging machines
1 portable,compact,easy to use and short time for products changeover.
2 independent temperature control to ensure sealing fastness
3.proupriit,systemic and complete dust collecting technics make sure sealing cleanliness.
4.adapted to different materials,constant pressure control ensure sealing quality.
5.system design complying with FDA sanitary level without any corner.
6.product tracing system complying with pharmaceutical GMP level.
7.a wide number of different pouch shape to meet differentiation demands:flat bottom pouch,zipper pouch,three-side seal pouch,four-side pouch,special pouch,oragan pouch.
8.a large number of functions for you to ease production.
9.professional customized service,world-class system service,local immediate service to provide you with easy management,high quality and simple maintainance.